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Benefits of the Lichtenberg Risk Analysis Approach
  • a clear and concise overview of the situation from a risk standpoint.  Experience proves that this is often lacking, especially in complex situations
  • greater realism in plans and budgets.  Many risk analyses are not capable of including 'soft factors' in quantitative models, but the Lichtenberg Method can.  Without these, the results are often unrealistic
  • the top-down process develops a clearer understanding of the major uncertainties and risks and leads to more focused risk management.  Top-down also generates a strategic view of risk, getting to the heart of the situation quickly and efficiently
  • the collaborative workshop emphasis generates buy-in to the results and a better chance that effective risk management will be carried out
  • enhanced teamwork results from a far better appreciation of each other's risk issues


Comments by a Project Manager

    "your process is better than anything I have ever seen"

    "it always generates a whole load of actions …."