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The Lichtenberg Method exposes the key areas of risk and uncertainty, develops a broad understanding of the issues amongst different stakeholders, and may even help to define the final shape of the endeavour. 
The key areas of application are:

Capital Projects. Our risk analysis approach on capital projects covers all aspects of uncertainty - people/organisational, financial/commercial as well as the technical aspects.  All can be included in a probabilistic model.  An 'Uncertainty Profile' of the key risks and uncertainties is derived which shows 'hard' and 'soft' issues ranked in priority order. The inclusion of non-technical uncertainties leads to the agreement of more realistic timescales, budgets and contingency provisions.

Change Initiatives. Change initiatives are sometimes complex, time-consuming and costly. For example, a very large London Borough was planning a central Call Centre to replace the existing, departmentally-based system. The approach was used as the means of carrying out a structured, multi-disciplinary qualitative analysis of the issues, risks and opportunities that this major change involved.

Corporate Strategy and Planning. A multi-disciplinary Uncertainty Analysis workshop can be used to discuss the foundational assumptions that underlie corporate strategies and plans, to examine the uncertainties involved, to model them and to agree action plans. 


air traffic control  ·  construction  ·  defence  ·  electronics  ·  infrastructure  ·  nuclear 
oil and gas 
·  petrochemicals  ·  public sector  ·  renewable energy  ·  shipbuilding  ·  software