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The Lichtenberg Method is a structured approach to modelling the future which enables decisions and plans to be made with a greatly enhanced understanding of the key issues, assumptions and risks that are involved.
The methodology is taught at Universities in Scandinavia and has a 30 year track record of success across industry, government and the public sector.

The main features of the methodology are:

  • creative, multi-disciplinary workshop process, facilitated by experienced consultants, in which qualitative and quantitative data about the task are captured and modelled
  • top-down philosophy which accommodates all types of risk and uncertainty - technical aspects, people/organisational aspects, financial and commercial aspects
  • highly efficient - the approach generates the best possible result in the minimum possible time
  • tried and tested - this methodology has been used for more than 30 years by major companies from many industrial sectors - telecomms, oil & gas, construction, defence, aerospace, transportation - as well as the public sector
  • Futura software - used to capture ideas, underlying assumptions, issues and data 'live', and to build these into a comprehensive model. Output reports from the tool are available on the day