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Adlington Associates
offers risk analysis services
based on the Danish Lichtenberg Method

A comprehensive portfolio of risk analysis services:
  • qualitative risk and opportunity identification
  • risk prioritisation
  • quantitative assessments of capital expenditure risks
  • quantitative assessments of schedule/programme risks
  • development of risk and opportunity registers
  • reviews/audits of existing risk analyses and procedures

Typical Assignments
  • understanding new ideas and concepts from a risk standpoint
  • analysis of risks and opportunities during tender preparation
  • schedule, cost risk and contingency assessments, often prior to project sanction
  • project monitoring and control reviews
  • risks relating to investment planning and corporate business plans
Range of Industries
Air traffic control, construction, defence, electronics, infrastructure, nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemicals, public sector, renewable energy, shipbuilding and software development. 
Due to the efficiency of our process, many assignments can be completed in days rather than weeks.
Besides consultancy, we also offer training in the workshop-based risk analysis approach known as the Lichtenberg Method, and in the use of the Futura Nova software tool which supports the methodology.